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Week 3 / the Destination: Medical University of Lodz (UMED) - camp week passed in an eyeblink

This is amazing how quickly time can pass if days are filled with interesting lectures, workshops and social activities. Week three of EIT SAC were held in UMED Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer and SkyHUB Lodz.

Polish EIT Smart Ageing Camp organizers had invited to so speak and share their experiences country's best performers in the field.

At very first day stepped on stage Polish startups Delivery Hero, I-Taxi and SunRoof AB, co-founder Lech Kaniuk. His practical examples and recommendations to run startup at various stages, having discussions with other startup reps in a venue, definitely help to understand what could wait for you in future if you become successful - Best Practise in a Live.

Lech Kaniuk at UMED

After an interesting first part of a day with Lech Kaniuk took the leads Ralph Talmont. A very colourful person with extensive experience and background person: the Speaker, Investor, Author and Sensemaker, TEDxWarsaw Curator and Team Leader, founder of MetaliCoin - the World's first Crypto Metal Ecosystem, P2P blockchain based trading system and many more.

With help of Ralph Talmont, we had a chance to train and practice our pitching skills. Good critics dipped by an amount of humour by lecturer helped to break all walls of pitchers. I believe every one of us had something to take with.

Ralph Talmont is teaching how to pitch

Day 2 in Lodz took the leads one of the best Salesman's of Poland Marcin Osman. His extensive skills in sales and using social media as support of sales activities gave new sights to EIT SAC participants. By the way, you cannot see that often so positively energized and minded person every day as Marcin. Just joyful.

The formal part of a day ended with the lecture about negotiations.

As you might know, formal events tend to have also an informal part of a program. At the evening of a second day whole, SAC team gathered to Lodz Manufaktura - huge entertainment centre in a city in an old factory building - to play some bowling and buzz around.

Even after long training days and bowling games, folks had the energy to conquer local entertainment places.

Day 3 in Lodz was meant to be for bravest ones in workshops. The topic was Lean Product Development.

Day 4 we were invited to Lodz's Red Tower SkyHUB. An interesting day in discussions and sights of IP matters.

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