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W4 Denmark - EIT was on TechBBQ Copenhagen

September's last, EIT SAC W4 was organized by Technical University of Denmark innovation centre of SkyLab and SundHUB.

Pal Simon Fernvall (Senior Entrepreneurship Officer, DTU Skylab) introduced local innovation centre, Denmark startup ecosystem for startups. We had a chance to look into SundHUB for life sciences, also The BioInnovation Institute. Definitely, there is a lot to learn from Denmark how to support and develop startup's ecosystem - governmental investments and supporting innovation- funding programs.

Also, we had a chance to participate at Tech BBQ Copenhagen. TechBBQ is Scandinavian a two-day international tech-startup summit by and for the startup community, providing startup ecosystems with cutting-edge insights, business opportunities and network. More than 4000 local and international heroic startups and scaleups, tech talents, innovative minds, visionary corporates, prominent investors and pioneering speakers participated (

TechBBQ Copenhagen 2018

EIT Health SAC startups had a chance to pitch their ideas and participate at SundHUB's hackathon to find a novelty solution to manage random hospital ques in real life situation. The results were presented the day later to Copenhagen University Hospital.

EIT SAC pariticpants and SundHUB members at booth: TechBBQ 2018

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