Take off – 2nd month at EIT Health Smart Ageing Camp – Customer Validation

It has passed more than a month since the last posting here in the blog – time flies

Take off from Tallinn - EIT Health Smart Ageing Camp second month is ahead

amazingly fast. Being honest, the formal program during the second month was intensive and all after-hours took informal socializing with other team members, or travelling from one location to another, or using those tiny timeslots being with family and loved ones. Four busy weeks, four countries, eight cities, thousands of miles being on road, tens of transfer flights, tens and tens of serious meetings, big amount of presentations and pitchings to hundreds of people.

As the first month was about (re-)development of our startups at EIT Health Smart Ageing Camp, the second month was planned for customer validation – some kind of moment of truth for all of us.

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