healBED vibroacoustic therapy bed at TechBBQ Copenhagen 2018

The healBED's team is very grateful for EIT Health SAC, DTU SkyLab, SundHUB, Tartu University teams and organisers of TechBBQ, whos help and support was crucial to present our healBED vibroacoustic therapy device Tech BBQ Copenhagen 2018.

Tho days fully filled healBED experiencing slots and more, gave us a lot of positive feedback and confirmed its suitability to nowadays environment.

Customers shared their experiences at Twitter and Instagram (#healBED)

SMARTdo | healBED team and healBED vibroacoustic therapy bed at TechBBQ Copenhagen 2018: from left standing Jaan Koppe (IT Developer), Priit Aigro (CEO)

Priit Aigro is giving an interview to a Valuer+ at TechBBQ

The representative of Forbes, journalist Heather Farmbrough experiencing the healBED at TechBBQ

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