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Good morning, Dublin!

Today it is a perfect day to continue our Boot Camp program here in Dublin. Beautiful weather, positively minded people and the inspiring atmosphere are in your hands.

The Estonian startup teams are on a way to Trinity College.

Trinity College Dublin

Did you know that our host university Trinity College is the oldest of the most prestigious in Ireland? It is founded 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, and which has a unique relationship with University of Oxford and University of Cambridge.

Finally, what did we learn from yesterday? If you need to know the direction and goal of your movement, it is sometimes necessary to go back to basics and rethink your path. Just climb up on the tree, to see where actually you are or where you need to go? What is the right direction?

Dervilla O'Brien (Trinity College), Jaan Koppe, Priit Aigro from SMARTdo / healBED and Taavi Vanaveski from ResDec

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