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healBED by SMARTdo  |  | Vibroacoustic Therapy Device

We are helping people to recover and deep relax through low-frequency sound waves of our innovative healBED.

Since spring 2016 healBED vibroacoustic therapy devices are developed and produced in Estonia, Haapsalu by SMARTdo Plc.

Vibroacoustic therapy devices original concept was developed by the University of Tallinn of Haapsalu College, rehabilitation and health development innovation centre "TERE KK". Development was supported by ERDF.

Devices industrial design is registered. Design authors are Mr Arvo Pärenson, Mr Raivo Hein and Mr Taavet Pärenson.

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SMARTdo | healBED joins to EIT Health Bridgehead

We are glad to announce that SMARTdo | healBED has been selected and invited to join the first cohort of start-ups entering the programme EIT Health Bridgehead this year. SMARTdo | healBED was chosen as one amongst 14 European startups to the program. The purpose of the EIT Health BRIDGEHEAD Programme is to
facilitate soft-landings for start-ups. Furthermore, cross-border mobility and market entry beyond home markets for start-ups is facilitated.


The EIT Health BRIDGEHEAD Programme is suitable for micro and small enterprises*, spin-offs, Digital Health companies (eHealth, mHealth, Clinical decision support, Big Data and even MedTech, Lifetech and Biotech with a digital component) with a defined product strategy, proven traction in their home market and a clear internationalisation plan. Read for more HERE


The first scientific article proving healBED efficacy has been published

The first scientific article based on the healBED smart therapy device has been published in the United States by the Universal Journal of Public Health (authors Prof. Eha Rüütel, Ivar Vinkel and Moonika Laanetu): "Vibroacoustic Therapy and Development of a New Device: Pilot Study in the Health Resort Environment".

The research article provides an overview on the suitability of the healBED vibroacoustic therapeutics on the well-being of potential users.

The article can be consulted HERE!


healBED won the sTARTU Biotech 2016 title

The goal of sTARTUp Biotech is bringing together starting and established entrepreneurs in biotechnology, medicine and veterinary medicine. The event focuses on business development and execution of the ideas. We expect mainly novice entrepreneurs and students in the field of biotechnology and medicine but also a number of people with established sector experience.

It is a one-day event based on Garage48 ad Startup Weekend format, where the teams are formed on spot and all activities are carried out continuously.

Source: Tartu Biotechnology Park


Project: "Vibroacoustic Therapy Software Development"

The project goal was to develop healBED's vibroacoustic therapy device operating software platform to abandon various costly licensed third parties software and platform. healBED's original software allows to increase the functionality and flexibility of therapy management, also would ease servicing and support. The project had funded by Enterprise Estonia and ERDF (4000 EUR).

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